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Salesforce Chatter and the power of enterprise social networking

While the vast majority of businesspeople are familiar with public social networks like Facebook and Twitter, enterprise social networks are the lesser-known brother of their public network counterpart. An enterprise social network is defined as an internal, private social network used to assist in communications within a business. The goal of an enterprise social network is help employees stay organized, informed, and in sync with what is happening around them in their organization. An enterprise social network is not Facebook that you.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Email Marketing

It’s not a surprise that sales is a critical aspect of many US businesses, but  did you you know that it accounts 12.3% of all the jobs in the United States? That converts into more than one trillion dollars being spent annually on sales. The average cost of a sales call is $33.11 and the average cost of having a a sales rep conduct a field sales call is $276.48. However, the cost of sending an emails is far lower, if not free. The only costs.

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