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10 Awesome facts about Raleigh

  At Idle Tools Corp, we are very proud to have our office located in beautiful downtown Raleigh, NC. As the largest city in the Research Triangle Park, Raleigh is becoming home to fast growing companies like Red Hat and Citrix. Many new start-up companies are also locating here because of the cities many amenities like relatively low cost of living, an abundance of parks and cultural institutions, great schools and universities, and a thriving social scene. Here are 10 awesome facts about.

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Winning Teams and Winning Companies have two things in common: Strong Culture & Consistent Accountability

       Here at Idle Tools Corp we love football so this won’t be the last of football related posts. The commonalities between sports team and business team success seems to be timeless. Steve Smith Sr. is a new Baltimore Ravens player this year after 13 seasons with the Carolina Panthers. He is likely a future Hall of Famer and given his success you’d think maybe he’d be “above” adopting a new team culture or system. But he is not. He.

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Why Do We Watch The Weather?

There is a time for perfection & there is a time for trends We all know that the weather man can be wrong….but if they say it might be cold we grab a coat. We live with the imperfections of the forecast and trust it enough to make decisions. Why? We believe the weather station has enough information to make an educated determination (guess) of how weather patterns are trending. Many companies miss the opportunity to see Trends in market information provided.

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Adding Sales Invoice Data Drives CRM Adoption

How a basic integration between CRM as ERP can drive users to engage with Many executives see the valuable information that can be gained organically through a CRM system; smart executives also realize that there should be a value returned to the sales people who will most likely be entering the information. It’s the proverbial two way street. Here is a step in the right direction: put sales numbers at sales people’s fingertips (literally) by bringing invoice data into your CRM..

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My Chicken Laid an Egg Called Revenue

What comes first, productive activity or revenue? If productive activities lead to revenue (which one assumes most believe) then why is the measurement of activity not equally important to measurement of revenue? Or maybe more so in terms of achieving financial success? These are the the things I ponder because I am cursed with racing thoughts about debatable issues 24 hours a day and require massive doses of Nyquil to settle them enough to sleep. When a company is in the early.

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The Lure of The Mass Import

I have made a shocking discovery! Messy data moved from one system into another system is still messy data! One of the first things companies seem to want to go with a CRM is dump existing account and contact data into the system. Whether its from the current operating system or worse yet from employees outlook contacts, it can be a huge mistake. The decision to “data dump” is primarily driven by a desire to save data entry time for users, and.

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