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The New Salesforce Lightning Experience

          Every few years, a technology company will make an important leap forward with a major software update. The new Lightning update for Salesforce is the biggest change to the user interface in the history of the 16 year old cloud software company. In the release video, Salesforce employees who contributed to this update called it ‘the project of a lifetime’ when discussing its scale and importance in the evolution of the Salesforce platform. While the fundamentals of the platform haven’t changed much,.

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Winning Teams and Winning Companies have two things in common: Strong Culture & Consistent Accountability

       Here at Idle Tools Corp we love football so this won’t be the last of football related posts. The commonalities between sports team and business team success seems to be timeless. Steve Smith Sr. is a new Baltimore Ravens player this year after 13 seasons with the Carolina Panthers. He is likely a future Hall of Famer and given his success you’d think maybe he’d be “above” adopting a new team culture or system. But he is not. He.

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Why Do We Watch The Weather?

There is a time for perfection & there is a time for trends We all know that the weather man can be wrong….but if they say it might be cold we grab a coat. We live with the imperfections of the forecast and trust it enough to make decisions. Why? We believe the weather station has enough information to make an educated determination (guess) of how weather patterns are trending. Many companies miss the opportunity to see Trends in market information provided.

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